Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Enjoy this time now.

They’re those little footed things that almost all of us had when we were kids. Sky blue, with little cartoon cows, frogs, puppies and tractors on them. The cutest little pyjamas ever made and now he's too big for them. I got kind of teary as I packed them away with his first little booties, the giraffe layette and the hat he wore home from the hospital. I realized how soon it will be before he's a big boy.

I think of my sister, how the last time she saw him she said “He’s just going to get bigger and bigger and then he won’t be a baby!” I remember when she was just a tiny baby, and I lamented the same when I left for college. Now she’s almost a teenager.

Everyone says enjoy this time now because it will be gone before I know it. I do know it, and now I’m looking at him, resting against his Boppy on the couch, asleep.

Enjoy this time now.


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