Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ever seen the fountains at the Bellagio in Vegas?

Sam’s a little fussy. He needs changing.

Bring him to the changing table. Change the diaper, put the washcloth over his penis so nothing gets sprayed. Clean him up, reach for the fresh diaper and he


the washcloth off, spraying the window, the table, his whole right arm and his T-shirt.

I am yelling “Nooooooo!. Aw, MAN, Sam!”.

Then he


No fooling, he laughed just like Ernie from Sesame Street.

Husband calls from the kitchen “Did he pee?”.

I say “(grumble) Yes.”

Husband comes in, “Is he laughing?”.

I lift up the now nude Mr. Pee, lower him on to a towel on the rug. He lies there while I mop up the table and wipe the window.

Then I clean him off, lift him to the clean dry table and


The instant he touches the table! More than before!

“What? NO! AAAAAARGH how is this possible?” I yell.

Husband comes running back in “Again?”.

Sam is laughing more than the last time. At this point, his Daddy and I are, too.

I am doubled over and clutching the rocking chair for support.

We double team this time. Husband grabs him, cleans him, and diapers him with lighting speed while I mop up the fountain.

Now he is fussing.

He fusses because there is nothing to pee on.

The End.


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