Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wet Worcester Weather

It has been raining for days in New England. My son and I have both been cranky, unable to go to the park, and not too keen to run errands in the dank gray outside. I’ve taken him to the mall just so I can get some exercise and he can look at different colored lights. I know we need the rain, and we had a very dry April, I'm just saying...ugh.

We drove by Elm Park, and the pond was brimming. All the geese were flapping around the park. It looked like they were celebrating.

"HONK HONK! The people are gone! It is all ours! Victory, my brothers! HONK HONK!"

My moods have always been heavily affected by weather, it’s very strange. I mean, I know a lot of people who feel down when it rains, but I once had a panic attack when it snowed in April.

I’m a freak.


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