Tuesday, May 16, 2006

(and other thoughts of Tuesday)

I read something that may interest my comic book buddies. “Comic Books” have always had a bad rap amongst the majority of educators, but that is starting to change.

Here’s the Newsweek piece.

I was happy to see The Babysitters Club getting a graphic novel adaptation (that's visible in the magazine, not the internet version) I loved those books when I was in elementary school. It was nice to read about girls who were neither the plastic, perfect teens Hollywood likes to dish out, or deeply angst ridden waifs who were just as unrealistic to me.

I think so many students could benefit from a lot of topics graphic novels cover. I would love to see a high school class discuss Watchmen, or the Sandman series.

There is an entire graphic novel section in my home library, and while some are not appropriate for my son to read yet (He can read Strange Embrace in high school, not before),some (a slightly water damaged New Frontier) will be an enjoyable part of his childhood reading. I hope.


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