Monday, October 24, 2005

Things I could be doing now:

1. finishing the thank you notes from the wonderful baby shower my husband threw me on Saturday
2. finishing the dishes
3. learning how to use the new crockpot my mom got me
4. ironing
5. napping
6. taking out the recycling/trash
7. making those reference check calls that I have to do for the store
8. getting my Rhode Island driving history so I can get car insurance here
(yes, I am driving around without insurance, please don't hit me).
9. elaborating on the analysis of my nightmare situation, which will hopefully banish it
10. working on the short story that's been knocking around my brain for a while

Instead I am on the couch in my sweats, feeling tired but not sleepy, in that frustrating and restless way.

I really really really don't want to turn the TV on, for fear that I 'll go into a mini coma and waste a day.



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