Sunday, September 04, 2005

York Beach, Day One

We've come to Maine every Summer for as long as I can remember. We moved a lot when I was a kid and summers in Maine were constant, like Christmas trips to New York or the monthly trip to Boston with Mom.

The cottage in York Beach. It’s small and adorable with carpet ideal for bare feet. Two double beds in one bedroom, two collegiate twins in the other. Little kitchen. Mismatched pieces of furniture from Mrs. B’s collection. Everything dates from the 30’s to the 60’s, except the little TV which only ever goes on during “Mystery” or a Sox Game.

I’ve been coming with my Beloved for the last six years. Next year we’ll be here with our baby son.

We got here tonight just as it was getting dark. I looked at the porch when we came in. I remarked to my parents that it had been repainted. The planks used to be pale green. You could see the old gray wood underneath the chipped paint. Now it’s a crisp nautical blue. My mom said Mrs. B actually replaced the entire porch this year. Looking closer, I realized the whole porch was almost identical, but brighter white. After a couple of minutes, I noticed that the couch is different, too. The saggy, gray, square couch is now a plump, gray, Queen Anne couch with faded pink brocaded flowers.

You know, I’ve redecorated this cottage a hundred times in my head (add a little yellow, change a lampshade, get rid of the blinds), but seeing anything different about it makes me kind of sad.

That old couch and the mint floor were as familiar as the smell of salt air and the lobster rolls from the fish market.


Thankfully, the smaller bedroom is still the same. My sister and I had her first and last pillow fight there. She got a nosebleed. I panicked, but she very calmly looked in the mirror, got off of her bed, and told Mommy she was "bleedy".

She told me a little bit later, quite seriously, that she didn't think we should have anymore pillow fights.


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