Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Don't waste your Summer. It will be over soon.

Sitting on my porch right now, I am thinking about how fast time goes. It’s halfway through July already. I remember when I was longing for summer to start, and it’s already gone! I haven’t been to the beach once, haven’t eaten a lobster roll, haven’t gone swimming or camping.

Being a kid was rough, but at least we had summer vacation. Oh, if grown-ups got that! Two and a half whole months for fun! What do we get now? Two weeks, if we’re lucky. On my days off, I typically do laundry, dishes, mop, etc. I don’t want to be seventy and have my last idyllic summer memories be from high school.

Now I feel guilty. I didn’t do any of those things from eleven to noon today. I watched The Price Is Right. That was an hour I could have been outside, even enjoying my neighbor’s flower garden, if not running around in my bathing suit like the three year old next door.

And now I’m typing on my laptop. I rationalize and say that at least I am doing this from my porch, feeling the breeze and listening to the beautiful alto sounds of the wind chime my husband and I got on our honeymoon. I can feel the sun, though I'm safely on a chair, looking at a computer screen.

I’m going to spell check this, put it up, and then slap on a baseball cap and go outside. Maybe I’ll just stroll up and down the street, but I will not waste any more time.


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