Friday, June 24, 2005

I am feeling good about myself.

Isn't it funny how accomplishing small things can make us feel wonderful?

I did the dishes, got groceries, cleaned the kitchen, living room, bathroom, our bedroom and the dining room. This is a bigger deal than ordinarily because a. most of the stuff I put away came out of boxes buried on the back porch and b. our new place is three times the size of our old place.

I marched into the office/baby's room and told my Beloved that he had better appreciate me for all I achieved tonight.

Though cleaning house is just an everyday thing, It felt fantastic to have the energy to do it. My husband was in the living room, working on his laptop, and I was cleaning. So sane.

I guess it makes me so happy because it is very normal. This past week I have felt more normal than I have in months. By normal I don't mean "like everyone else" or "the way people should be".

I felt like myself. I felt like a happily married woman who is turning 26 in three days and has an uncertain yet promising future ahead of her.

By the way, I still haven't forgotten about my Motherhood Rant. I just need to get some research done so I have a good argument.

I would like to be able to sleep, though.

Ah, well. Thankful for what I've got!


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