Friday, May 13, 2005


I feel lousy today, but I've gone into work, at least for a few hours. My boss is one of those really cool guys who realizes that it takes a few days to recover from E. Coli, so if he were here he would probably tell me not to worry about it. He is taking a much needed weekend away with his freakin' adorable ladyfriend.

My husband and I are going to move back to Worcester this summer. Though we adore East Providence, it's just too far from work and his doctors.

We have found a gorgeous first floor apartment that is three times the size of the place we have now, massive kitchen, dining room, 2 bedrooms (babies!), laundry in the basement, screened in back porch that spans the length of the house (swoon!), hardwood floors, in a wonderful neighborhood...gotta tell you, people, I was almost in tears. Under a grand a month and best of all it is walking distance to the office.

In a month of the skies raining crap down on us, this is wonderful news. I am having people over on Sunday to help me box up our crud. The only good thing about Beloved being in the hospital is I can throw away a lot of his utterly useless junk without hearing him complain about it.

Though before he went into surgery, he did inform me that he wants to be sure I keep all of his National Geographic magazines from the last seven years. Damn. I was hoping to toss those out before he mentioned anything.

He may not have a full intestinal tract, but he's got a cunning mind, that Love of mine.

His surgery went so well. He'll be in the hospital for another week, and then home on rest for a few weeks after that. There will then be a second (very small) surgery in July., we pray.

I feel optimistic and nervous at the same time. Our life looks as though it will be going a smooth course for a while. Everytime I have thought that in the past, though, something has gone wrong.

Ah, well. We shall see. Meantime, I'l be hitting the liquor stores in search of boxes.


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