Monday, April 04, 2005

Random things I noticed in the hospital

In the ER:

1. Ceiling tiles can only be interesting for...that long.

2. Catheters are uncomfortable. Probably more so for guys, still no picnic when you have a vagina.

3. It's really, really hard to see stuff when you have your head in a brace. People are just nostrils and chins.

In Husband's Room:

1. I like Ellen. She seems so nice.

2. I also like Here Comes The Hotstepper. Fun song.

3. Why is everyone making a big deal about Andrew Giessler? He found $9,000 on the ground and returned it. I mean, he seems like a really nice kid, but why are we making such a big deal out of NOT STEALING? I don't steal many times a day.

4. Hospitals make you pay for television. Why do they do that? My husband is to exhausted to hold a book or converse, and he can't get out of bed. What else can he do? Why would you make someone being fed through a tube pay for the one working part of his body to be stimulated?

5. I need to cut my nails. They grow so damn fast. I realize that every other woman in the world wants long nails, and it means I have a good amount of calcium in my diet, but they are inconvenient. Typing, lifting...all harder when you have long nails, but cutting them every week is tedious (much like this paragraph). Nails like these belong to an older woman with big breasts and a tight angora sweater. A pink one.


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