Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Wife Writes

Sometimes the stupidest little thing can bring back a flood of memories, and reassure you in the strangest way.

My husband’s disease is getting better. This is wonderful. In the time of his illness, we let out marriage slide. This is not wonderful.

That is why I took time off from writing. Not something I will do often, but my nights will be better spent talking to this man that I live with than focusing entirely on my own issues.

My husband believes that techno is the best genre of music and that Babylon 5 is the best television show. He believes that repeating things back to me right after I have said them is not absofuckinglutely annoying. He doesn’t understand my extravagant displays of physical affection (I think it embarrasses him) and he cannot seem to grasp the concept of “laundry hamper”.

He also has one of those chivalrous, old fashioned moral codes. I don’t mean old fashioned in the close minded, conservative way. I mean in the way that he takes tremendous pride in the job that he does, in the impact that his work leaves on the people he interacts with, and society at large. He believes in exercising regularly, eating healthy, well balanced meals, and not letting kids watch too much TV.

He believes that pornography is degrading to women, and cheapens the beautiful act of lovemaking (yes, really...I didn’t believe him at first, either). He believes that there are a lot of assholes out there, but there are people who are basically good to the core, and we should seek those people out, and try to emulate them, because they are the few that are truly happy. The assholes you put up with, and try to do so gracefully. He holds the door open for the people behind him. He never flips anyone off (whilst I use the finger like a’s how Sam and I hug). He never honks his car horn, unless it is to warn someone of danger. He believes that children needs discipline, but boundless love above all else. He believes that no matter what, you do anything you can to help your friends and family.

He also believes that I am gorgeous, talented, intelligent, funny and that I will be a wonderful mother.

This morning, on the way to work, we stopped to get gas. He filled the car, I went in to get a donut. When I got back in the car, he had clicked the dial on his iPod back to play the last song again. It is one of the three techno songs that I like, and is actually a song that I love. He knows these little tiny things about me, and nudges them out into our day when he can, causing all of the reasons I love him, all of the proofs that he is indeed, the Love of my Life to flood my mind.


Anonymous Cyke said...

Hey, it's me again...

My wife has some annoying verbal habits, too. And she also thinks that Gwen Stefani and Justin Timberlake are the next Beethoven and Mozart.

It sounds like your husband is the kind of man that guys like me want to be when they grow up. Pat him on the back for me.

4:56 PM  

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