Thursday, July 07, 2005

Is it just me

or are there other people who get rather depressed by consecutive days of rainy weather?

Once in a while I like rainy days. When they are commas in a sunny sentence, they are refreshing. When you have a whole paragraph of rain though, It's like Joseph Conrad (for me anyway).

I don't know where any of you (all two of you who read this) are geographically, but in Central Massachusetts it has been wet and rainy for the last two days and is expected to stay this way for about another week.

This is summer, when I want to spend my free mornings or evenings out on my new screened in porch with a glass of juice, enjoying the warm breezes. I do not wish to be in my living room, in my bathrobe, glaring outside at the gray sky.

Days like this make me want to sleep and sleep.

Though it does make it a little easier be at my light filled, bright colored store (though it is harder to get the energy to go).

I guess that's something to look forward to?

No, I just want to crawl back to bed. But I can't. I have to do grown up things.



Blogger That Other America said...

I've been getting the same weather here in NYC. It starts to rain every day at about 5-ish, which makes my trip home from a job I hate exponentially worse. Of course, it rained all day today, which made what might have been a joyfully week-ending Friday miserable and intolerable. We should draft a petition to someone, or a stern letter at the very least.

10:36 PM  

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