Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Back to retail.

I haven't worked in a shop in...a month? Longer than that, I think. Since mid-May. Wow, nearly two months. The office job I had was only temporary. Though I missed some parts of customer service, I realize that people who work in offices have it incredibly easy. My knees were killing me by the end of the day, and I fondly remembered being able to go home at 6pm.

It was a good day. I was kind of nervous earlier, before I left for the store. Just silly stuff, afraid I had forgotten everything, afraid that absolutely no one would give me any managerial respect. Afraid that the physical problems I was having in my first trimester would resurface and I would either throw up or pass out in front of a customer buying ylang ylang essential oils. Nothing happened except a slight dizzy spell when I was doing some paperwork, but I was able to go into the back room and sit down.

It's not going to be my permanent store, it's just where I'm being placed for training*. The girls all seem quite nice, and though they are very young, are actually willing to do work, instead of just standing around giggling.

The shop closed at 8, we were out by 8:30, and I was home at a quarter past nine (they're moving me closer to home next week).

Part of me feels really good to be back earning money, and good about a lot of the things that I did remember*.

The other part of me is exhausted and hungry and has a headache.

*I was a manager for a few months, but when my husband starting getting really sick, and the store started tacking on more hours than I had bargained for, I asked to be demoted. I was under too much stress, and wanted to back out before the Christmas season. I've been out of Management since shortly after Halloween, so they're giving me a week of training review.


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