Friday, August 26, 2005

I wrote this last month, but only got to type it today.

On the Red Line

I’m back. I almost cried when I saw the Citgo sign.

Where to today? Park, I think. Get the blanket down and people watch. Then lunch. I want to hit Q.Market, check out zoinks! Harvard, maybe? I haven’t been to the North End in a while. Or Newbury Street.

Frog Pond

Every season is my favorite in this city. I picked a good day. It’s hot, but there’s a cool breeze, so lots of people are out. Little kids are everywhere, shrieking as they run around the fountain. They get yelled at by the lifeguards. Not so much yelled at as intercom'd at.

Man, she’s a downer. I love how they always end these long lists of strictness with “and have a nice day.”

I can’t wait to come here with my kids.

I love seeing people who are just sitting. Not reading, not conversing, just taking the Summer in.

Little girl walks by in a sun dress and flip flops. She’s 3 or 4. “This is the best day of the whole summer!” She says, for no particular reason. I turned to smile at her, but she doesn’t notice because she is focusing on walking in a very straight line on a sidewalk crack. “Yup.” her Dad (I assume) says. I catch his eye and he grins. People love it when strangers notice how cute their kids are.

I’m not hungry, but I know I should eat soon. I just don’t want to leave this spot.

I love tourists! I’m not a native to Boston, but I’m not a tourist, either. I guess that’s why I can think they’re so cute as they listen to the guy dressed as

o h c o o l b r e e z e

Paul Revere with rapt attention. Him I pity, though. He must be melting!

Hunh. There is a giant inflatable army man walking through the park. Why didn’t I bring my camera?

Schlepp around Downtown Crossing. Finagle myself a bagel.

Retreat to the air conditioning of Borders for a while.

Read Hot Mama. I like how it used to be thought that we pregnant women were magical, goddess-like, all because of the mystery of our biology. I really wish we could go back to that. I mean, we’re pretty damn sexy with our soft skin, full breasts and curvy bellies. We’re making life, how much does that kick ass!

Quincy Market

zoinks! is gone. Dammit dammit dammit. That was their last store. I so wanted them to make it.

It hasn’t ruined the day, though.

I think I’ll go home now. I may spend more time driving in and out of the city today than actually in it. So do not care. Worth it!

I’m hot and tired and sweaty, but very very content.

Home to a cool shower.


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