Sunday, July 24, 2005

Me, Jack and The Cape

God, how I do love living somewhere with a porch.

I love how lazy afternoons are in the Summertime. This is a Lazy Sunday Summer Afternoon, so it's even better. Beloved is in the living room, working his way through the most recent Harry Potter (I finished it Friday...totally called the Half Blood Prince from the start).

So now It's me in a cotton summer skirt. Felling the warm breeze. Watching the sun and leaves make strange, pretty patterns on my arms. Jack Johnson is first full listen through of his new album "In Between Dreams". I dig it. It's good for a summer afternoon.

I was at the shop for a few hours this morning, but really, who wanted to be there? Who wants to go shopping when this day calls for blankets in backyards, or road trips to the Cape?

Speaking of, I was there yesterday. One of my girlfriends from college is due with her first baby in September, and her family threw her a shower. I love her parents' house. It's one of those old gray shingled things so very common on Cape Cod. One of those houses where it's perpetually calm and cool, and you really don't want to leave ever. Even after the party ended (three hours of Heather unwrapping things to a chorus of "Awwwwww") I hung out with one of our closest friends, her husband,parents, brothers, sisters in law, and Abby.

Abby is her two month old niece. It is seriously ridiculous how gorgeous this baby girl is. She's quite content, too. Not much for smiles and laughing, but quite laid back. She got passed around a lot, and tended to look up at everyone with the same "Oh, you're holding me now? S'cool." expression.

It was a good chance to catch up with people I haven't seen in a while. We've gotten in the habit of joking that someone has to get married every six months so we can see each other more than once a year. My old roommate was there, and I hadn't seen her in almost two years.

It was just such a splendid day! Perfect weather, July warm with a breeze. You could sit out in the sun for a while and not get too hot. You felt so lazy, like you had all the time in the world. I had to peel myself off the porch, remembering that I did have to work this morning, and would have to make the two hour trek home.

Definitely a day to savor. A perfect slice of summer.

Today's a decent follow up, though. Me and Jack and a porch.


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