Thursday, August 11, 2005

Sitting in my husband's Passat, I had a horrible thought.

Are we yuppies?

We can't be. We're two cool kids just out of college, newlyweds. We have a headless Kenny doll! How many yuppies have a headless Kenny doll?

My husband pointed out that we are Whole Foods shopping, Mac owning, VW driving adults. We are not "just out of college", we left in 2001, and have been married for four years. We're about to become parents.

I stood in the kitchen with my fingers in my ears, wearing my GeeKISSexy T shirt, yelling "Yuppies are lame, we're cool! Yuppies are lame, we're cool!" over and over. It's not like we're planning to name our kid Connor or Sienna (not that I'm judging).

We're still renting! I work in retail! I read comic books! I have Strong Bad and Teen Girl Squad bumper stickers on my Golf! Half of my friends are covered with piercing and tattoos!


Hm. Looking at that statement...even if I am not a yuppie, I may still be lame.


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