Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Seems fitting.

Not that I can do All Hallow's Month anywhere near the justice my favorite horror/SF/fantasy men are doing.

Remember the nightmare question? See previous post if not.

Is this about horror or it is about psychology? I don’t know.

Let’s say you have a recurring nightmare. You know why you have it. You know what it symbolizes, but that does not make it any easier for you to have it. It’s the worst dream ever,and it happens at least once a week. You’ve never told anyone about it, because they would tell you to go to therapy and there is nothing that a therapist could tell you about the nightmare that you don’t already know. You are also powerless to prevent a similar situation from happening to you in real life. If it were as simple as “don’t worry about things you have no control over” this would be a much easier life we are all in, but the point is that it is not something that you worry about when you are awake. Only when you sleep.

They’re becoming more frequent.

Typically writing about difficult emotions is cathartic. But this doesn’t really qualify, does it? It’s a nightmare, not a feeling. But terror is the major player, which is.

If you write about it and fictionalize it, will that do anything, or will you just have to suffer through the typing of it for no cure? If you write about it as personal experience, isn’t that going to be more difficult?

Of course, this issue could make a very pretty little horror story, about someone who relives the same nightmare over and over, while maintaining a normal, rather happy life in waking hours. Perhaps it has already been done.


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