Sunday, February 20, 2005

Day in Boston: Public Transport

I love making eye contact with people on the T. You should all try it with the Tube, Subway, L, etc. After you make eye contact, smile. I realize you risk getting a nut case who starts yelling about how the Boston mob runs BU, but you might not. I've had a lot of surprised smiles back. Makin' people smile...I dig it.

There is a young guy right across from me who is obviously avoiding my eyes. He is reading my tote bag, looking at my socks. I feel like laughing. This guy really is trying to look at me without looking at me. I don't want to stare at him, because that would freak him out, but I would really like to catch him. He has very pretty eyes, large, clear. A silvery blue, almost like titanium.

Ha! I caught him. Now he knows I'm writing about him. Ha! Caught him again. This time I giggle and he looks away, as though scared.

Now I'm at Harvard. I grin at him over my shoulder as I leave. I can hear it now

"Dude, the strangest chick was looking at me on the T today".

Public transport is super fun!


Blogger Rick Geerling said...

It's the 'L,' not 'El.' I've fought people to the death about this before.

6:40 PM  
Blogger Novice said...

Not looking for a fight, Honey. That's why I asked. I will now change it.

7:11 PM  

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