Thursday, February 10, 2005

Before you read this

go to Rick's and read "An Online Community For The Anti-Social Set".

Sam and I started talking about that on the way into the office this morning. I had read it. He hadn't yet (although he has now) Sam's argument was that we are not becoming anti-social. We are socializing in a new way.

I have to admit, when I read Rick's post, I felt a bit guilty.

I started wondering if I started this as a means to encourage my own anti-social tendencies.

Two of my close friends know about this (three if you count my Beloved Husband). None of them are allowed to read it. Lately when I need advice about something, rather than call one of the people who have known me for years, I post my problem for a world of strangers to see.

I am, however, typically seen as a very social person. On the keyboard side of the screen, I mean. In the last year or so, I have been less so, but that's more a question of my friends moving away. Mail (e and snail) are the means by which I regularly communicate with them. I hate the phone. Don't ask me why, I don't really know.

When I was in college, there was always something going on. It was a tiny campus. If there was an event, it was very easy for people to know if you weren't there. In the insecurity that we all have when we are very young, when our friends pull away, even for a small amount of time, we worry. I went to a lot of parties, a lot of midnight trips to Newcomb's, a lot of movies in large groups, a lot of "girl things" where there's, like, ten college chicks in jammies painting each other's nails and braiding each other's hair while watching anything with Jon Stewart. That man is so damn sexy.

Pardon me...

Sometimes, though, I got tired of it. Sometimes I got tired of talking, of laughing, of intereacting with others. It was much better for all involved if I just went into the city by myself or hung out in my room for a while. I would return (or emerge) much more pleasant, and more appreciative of my peeps.

A little anti-social behavior isn't a bad thing. It's not necessarily because people suck, but because sometimes it is just healthy to be alone.

Maybe because I was an only child for much of my life, I always enjoyed being alone and it gave me a rich imagination and an ability to entertain and nuture myself.

So why can't I do that now, and what the hell am I really trying to say?

Okay...I started this because I was out of fresh ideas, and to be honest, so are my "out here" friends. That's why I came to you.

But if I started ignoring the people who have given me several years of devotion and good times...that would be unhealthy.

I am not there yet. Not even close.

Yes. I think that's my point.

Oh, and I am not trying to say that the way I socialize is right for everyone. I think it works for a lot of people, but Diff'rent Strokes for Diff'rent Folks.

Good topic, Rick!


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