Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Break Up Stories: Guest Writer, Maureen Fish

I was once asked out on a date with a guy a worked with over the summer. I didn't know him really well, but what did I have going on? The radar screen was totally blank, so I said fine, whatever, we'll go out.

While we're on this date, he tells me that he was gay (yes, you read that-"was"). Now that he's decided to be a Christian, he needs to have a woman in his life, and that he thought I was just the "diamond in the rough" for him.


Firstly, "was" gay? Does that mean in a few months he may decide he "was" straight?

Secondly, you want me to be your token-woman-experiment so that you fit the Christian mold? Wow. How romantic!

Thirdly, "diamond in the rough"? What the hell is THAT supposed to mean? "Well, Maureen, you're nothing fabulous to look at, but you might have something beautiful inside of you that I could grow to love as I avoid falling for your male friends".

Surprisingly, when I made no attempts to contact him after this date, he got really mad at me and yelled at me over the phone. Score another bonus point for yourself on the "we're-never-going-to-date board", buddy!

That's my favorite story.


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