Saturday, January 08, 2005

When I Grow Up...

Professional Organizer:

I can't believe there are people who feel the need to pay for this, but as I am often told, not everyone is organized to an irritating degree as I am. You know how most people have a "junk drawer" in their house? I don't. I have no "junk" anything. Ask me where anything is in my house, and I can tell you. Every pay stub, every bank statement, every photo that I am waiting to frame, is filed away in the cabinet next to my desk. I actually put together a big book of the magazine articles that I wanted to keep, so I could throw away the bulk of the old issues. I purge my material goods seasonally, when I change around the clothes in our closets. I scare people with this gift, sometimes.

I wonder how you train for a job to be a professional organizer? Maybe you show up for some sort of certification test, they throw a bunch of junk on a desk, and if you can clean it up in ten seconds, you're golden!

I could do that.


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