Friday, January 07, 2005

Brand New Bag

That's what I'm listening to, anyway. Nothing like James Brown to stimulate the ol' creativity.

I am sitting at a desk in my husband's office. He owns a small company, and once a week (or so) I go in to help out with the organizational, "secretarial" type things. Things that every office requires, but that seem to be a waste of time for a guy with a degree from WPI. I really like these days as his employees are really funny and one of them is smokin', smokin' hot. Plus (biggest plus), my husband is there. On the days when he's healthy enough to leave home, it is really fun to see him working. He loves his career, and is very, very good at it.

I am done with the organization and filing for today. All the tax forms have been sorted. The filing cabinets have been re-alphabetized. For an hour, I have nothing to do. Sitting at a desk, looking out at the snow, and the traffic on 290, I start thinking of my own job.

I haven't yet shared what that is, have I? I work in retail. I actually like it. I work in a really great shop that sells products that I actually have knowledge of and enjoy. It's a company that treats its employees well, and the people I work with are women of a similar humor to my own. However, when I think of what I want to be when I "grow up" (says the married lady fast approaching 30) that’s not really it.

In the movie "Office Space", the protagonist mentions a question asked to him by his high school guidance counselor. "What would you do if you had a million dollars and didn't have to work?" The answer you come up with is supposed to be what you should do for a living. Like if you say you would spend all your time drawing, you're supposed to be a cartoonist.

If I had a million dollars and didn't have to work, I would want to stay home, have a whole bunch of kids, and write them stories. Once a week I would hire a sitter, go in to Boston, sit in the train station, and watch people. There are no job descriptions like that.

There are other things that I do like to do, and am good at, and some people pay for. Until Harper Collins is beating my door down for my series of children’s books, or until Miramax calls, frothing at the mouth for my screenplay, I might have some ideas.

I will post them later. This is already quite long.


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