Sunday, January 02, 2005


Yes, I still believe in them.

1. Join a gym. I'm not getting fat, but I am getting squishy and I don't feel as healthy as I did when I was five pounds lighter and more active.

2. Take better care of my husband by not coddling his every whim, allowing him to do some things for himself (but still give him a verbal ass kicking if he wants to work 10 hour days), tell him when he's getting on my nerves, and not feel guilty about it.

3. Have more people over/go out by myself more and not feel guilty about it.

4. Allow people to help me more, and not feel guilty about it.

5. Eat better. Less frozen, more veggies.

6. Send more work out to agents/publishers. I've been so busy lately, I haven't had the time, but if I don't make time, I'll be forty with a bunch of unpublished stuff (some of which is actually good) and a deep sense of regret.

7. Not cry every day. Not by repressing anything, just by finding reasons to be happy.

One is going to be the easiest. If I'm still doing this next year I'll revisit this list and see what I accomplished.


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